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Preliminary round testing schedule

Preliminary round testing begins this week from Nov 28th-Dec 2nd from 7AM-7PM. Competitors must take their event exam on the designated day during the testing time frame. Competitors have also been sent login credentials to their emails. If they do not see if in their main feed, have them check their spam folder. 

If problems arise while your students are testing please contact Tammy Martin via email at: tmartin@mvths.org) to reset test. 

New Advisor Handbook

This is a great resource for new and old chapters as it serves as a vital source of information for everything HOSA!

Learning opportunities

Click on the link below to get access to classroom activities and lesson ideas 


Chapter Advisor Resource guide

The use of Quick Links for NEW HOSA Local Advisors and their chapter members will show the
HOSA State Advisor where information is located on the HOSA website. Using these quick links
when training the New HOSA Local Advisor will ensure that the chapter is being developed “The
HOSA Way.”

Website Link: https://hosa.org/newadvisor/

Illinois state board of education updates

 Career and Technical Education (CTE) – Health Sciences and Technology (HST) Updates

Presentation Document: 


Be the match

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social media

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competitive events

Check out these helpful guides that you can share with your members regarding competitive events.

Tallo Online Submission

Advisor newsletter

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created by: Lisa Dunham

Preliminary round directions

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