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We are excited to welcome back members to our in-person spring leadership conference! HOSA members from all across the state of Illinois gather to take full advantage of HOSA competitive events program. 

The spring leadership conference incorporates not only competitive events, but recognition event too. Elections for the new state executive council are held and multiple scholarships are awarded! Members are also given the opportunity to network with one another and a few exhibitors.

COnference Details:

March 20-22nd , 2024

Location: BOS Center, Springfield IL

Venue Address: 1, Convention Center Plaza, Springfield, IL


Competition Timeline: 

  1. Preliminary Round Testing will be held from Nov 27th-Dec 1st
  2. SLC Registration Deadline: Feb 1st
  3. Round 1 tests and event project submissions to be held/submitted March 4-8th*
  4. Round 2 March 20-22nd at SLC 



Conference registration Fee: $100 

Please complete online registration form and send your check to: 

Illinois HOSA, PO Box 4097, Lisle, IL 60532

Meet this years keynote speaker

Meet Brittany Richmond, MS

Student Speaker & Anxiety Expert

Brittany Richmond is an energetic, charismatic communicator and a mental health expert of 10+ years. Right after high school, Brittany was diagnosed with multiple anxiety disorders (including an impulse control disorder) which led her into the field of counseling and psychology. From there, she has made it her mission to not only end the stigma, but "hug as many young people hurting" as she can with her story and her voice.

Brittany uses her own battle with mental health to inspire students and staff, but most importantly, let them know that they are not alone; and that there is help and hope. When Brittany shares her life with anxiety, she tells compelling, relatable stories from what peer pressure was like, people-pleasing, even social anxiety which led to her being a 2x college drop out. She says, what changed her life in her own mental health battle was learning to lean into the things that brought her joy, which led to strong offensive coping strategies and creating structure in her daily routine.  Brittany's energy and knowledge instantly draws audience memebers in as she creates a safe place to be vulnerable and compassionate - to connect with others and help them start to build, develop and implement proactive coping strategies.

Brittany is a sought after teen mental health speaker and is a popular anxiety expert. She has given presentations across the country at conferences, conventions, school assemblies, and other large student events. She is one of only about 13 active women speakers in the youth market today!

While Brittany does love speaking and inspiring students, she loves her husband and cats even more! She also loves rockin' out in her vintage band tees and sequins while listening to 80s hair bands. If she’s not riding on her Peloton, you might find her at a St Louis Cardinals game, drinking coffee at a local coffee shop, or binge watching Christmas Movies or Gilmore Girls on her couch - she lovingly calls herself, a "hot-mess express, in a good way!" She lives in Green Valley, Illinois with her husband Zach and cat Missy. She can be reached through her Instagram at @thebrittanyrichmond or website www.brittanyrichmond.com

Keynote Speech: 

Mental health, much like physical health, is a muscle that needs to be nurtured in order to get stronger. In this presentation, Brittany speaks to students looking to not only support their own mental health, but that of others as well. Relatable insights include sharing her story with anxiety and depression, creating a safe space for difficult conversations, showing students they are not alone and how to take action TODAY for good mental health!

Teens today carry a lot around with them. More so than they let people see.  

In fact, we often carry a lot seemingly well, no matter how heavy it can be. Brittany takes students through an interactive, energetic presentation in which they will get the chance to connect, hear from each other - and most importantly: know they are not alone. 

Through transformational conversations with their peers, interactive activities and empowering visuals, they will see they are not alone and how we can start to build our own personal strategies strengthening our mental health and overcoming anxiety.

These types of conversations and interactions will serve them well in leadership roles, relationships and friendships as they grow into happy, healthy humans!


Unlock the event guidelines for your chosen competitive event at Illinois HOSA's 2023 State Leadership Conference. Whether you're participating in Medical Terminology, Biomedical Laboratory Science, or any of our 50+ exciting options, this resource will provide you with the essential rules and insights to shine in your chosen competition. Master your event with our comprehensive guidelines and make your mark at the conference! Visit hosa.org/guideline/ for more information.

Explore the updated 2023 Preliminary Round Guide for Illinois HOSA's competitive events for this year's State Leadership Conference. This essential resource provides the latest information to help you excel in your HOSA journey. For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at illinoishosa32@gmail.com.

Explore the official Illinois HOSA Preliminary Round Testing Schedule, your guide to the exciting upcoming competition season. From November 27th to December 1st, access testing opportunities from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and stay informed about the critical dates and times that will shape your HOSA experience. Don't miss this chance to plan and excel in your HOSA journey!

Discover essential information about Illinois HOSA's testing procedures in our document. From testing basics to helpful directions, this resource is your go-to guide for navigating the testing process with confidence. Prepare for success and make the most of your HOSA experience with this valuable resource

Utilize the IEP verification form to request accommodations for students who are competing during this years competition season. 


Familiarize yourself with the Illinois HOSA Code of Conduct and Medical Liability Release Form, crucial documents ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all participants. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the integrity of HOSA events while acknowledging the importance of personal responsibility. Access and complete these forms to actively participate in Illinois HOSA activities, fostering a community committed to excellence and ethical conduct.

Did you know that HOSA has updated the event submission platform? Check out these links below to be prepared for this upcoming competition season.



SLC 2024 Conference schedule will be available soon!

More Information coming soon!

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