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Meet your 2021-2022 State officer team


Greetings everyone! I'm Jill Patel, honored to serve as your 2023-2024 Illinois HOSA President. Currently a senior at West Aurora High School, I thrive on the excitement of embracing new challenges and opportunities. Outside the realm of leadership, I find solace in the enchanting world of literature during my leisure hours, and my zest for exploration has taken me to captivating destinations. Eagerly anticipating a phenomenal year ahead, I am excited about the journey we will embark on together. Let's make this year extraordinary!


Hello fellow HOSA Members! I'm Massillon Clay Boyd. Jr., but you can call me Mass. Currently navigating my sophomore year at West Aurora High School, I'm thrilled to embark on my second year as a proud member of Illinois HOSA, now honored to serve as your Vice President for the 2023-2024 term!

Beyond the realm of leadership, i share passion for anime and manga, with Demon Slayer holding a special place in my heart, and Vinland Saga capturing my imagination in the world of manga. Just like Fazal, I find joy in exploring these vibrant realms of storytelling. In the spirit of positivity, one of my favorite mantras is, "It's a great day to have a great day." As we journey together this year, I look forward to making each day extraordinary and can't wait to connect with each of you. Wishing you all an amazing rest of your day!


Greetings, HOSA enthusiasts! I'm Arushi Bhatia, and the thrill of serving as this year's Illinois HOSA Secretary has me bursting with excitement! Currently navigating the challenges of my senior year at William Fremd High School, this marks my second fantastic year with HOSA. 

Outside the world of academics and leadership, my heart finds joy in the art of photography. Experimenting with different angels and capturing  moments is a passion that fuels my creativity.

I warmly invite you all to reach out; I'm eager to connect and create memorable experiences together. let's make this year truly exceptional! Looking forwards to meeting each and every one of you.


Hello, wonderful HOSA community! I'm Grace Huang, and I'm thrilled to step into the role of Treasurer for Illinois HOSA this year. Currently a junior at Stevenson High School, my HOSA journey has spanned three incredible years. 

When I'm not immersed in the world of leadership and academics, you'll find me embracing the great outdoors through hiking and exploring national parks. There's a special kind of magic in connecting with nature, and i find it truly invigorating. 

As we embark on this exciting chapter together, I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet and connect with each of you. Let's make this year unforgettable!


Greetings, HOSA family! I'm Samaira Alur, and I'm thrilled to take on the role of servins as the Illinois HOSA Reporter this year. A senior at William Fremd High School, this marks my fourth incredible year as a dedicated member of HOSA. 

Adding a dash of global adventure to my journey, I spent this summer exploring the vibrant city of Singapore with my family - a memory I hold close to my heart.

As we embark on a new chapter together, I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of getting to know each one of you. Here's to a year filled with shared experiences, growth, and making lasting connections!


Hello, Illinois HOSA community! I'm Fazal Hussain, honored to take on the role of your Illinois HOSA Parliamentarian this year. Currently navigating the exciting landscape of my freshman year at Barrington High School, this marks the beginning of my HOSA journey, and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

Adding a touch of international flair to my story, I spent my formative years in the dazzling city of Dubai, shaping the unique perspective I bring to our HOSA family. 

Beyond the world of parliamentary duties, I'm an avid enthusiast of anime, with Naruto holding a special place in my heart. Feel free to reach out; I'm here to assist and connect with each of you. Here's to an outstanding year filled with growth, camaraderie, and shared successes!


Greetings, HOSA enthusiasts! I'm Nola McLoughlin, and the thrill of embarking on my first year at West Aurora High School is magnified by the excitement of joining HOSA for the very first time. Honored to step into the role of sentinel, I am eagerly anticipating the incredible journey ahead. 

Beyond the world of academics and leadership, you can find me on the softball field, a realm where my passion takes flight. From summers with a travel team to representing my school in the spring, softball is not just a sport for me it's a source of a joy and camaraderie.

As we collectively navigate this new chapter, I'm genuinely looking forward to the experiences, connections, and successes we'll share. Here's to an amazing year filled with growth and memorable moments for us all!


Hello, fantastic HOSA community! I'm Nitya Borra, honored to be your Illinois HOSA Historian. Navigating the vibrant landscape of my sophomore year at William Fremd High School, I'm fueled by a passion for healthcare and aspire to become a pediatrician in the future. Beyond the world of academics and leadership, you'll find me immersed int he magical realm of Taylor Swift's music - I proudly declare myself the ultimate "Swifty"! The melodies and lyrics of Taylor Swift have a special place in my heart, and I'm always up for sharing the excitement with fellow fans. As your Historian, I'm not just here to capture moments, but to create them together. Don't hesitate to reach out; I'm eager to connect, answer any questions, and make this year truly amazing for each and every one of you! Cheers to a year filled with shared experiences and unforgettable memories!


Greetings, wonderful HOSA community! I'm Eungyul Moon, thrilled to step into the role of your northern Area Vice President this year. Currently navigating my junior year at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, I bring three years of dedicated HOSA experience to the table. 

Adding a global twist to my journey, I've spent exactly half of my life in the vibrant culture of South Korea and the other half embracing the diverse landscapes of the United States. It's a unique duality that has shaped my perspective in profound ways. I invite you all to connect with me through DMs or any other means; your questions and comments are not just welcome but encouraged. Together, let's embark on an amazing year filled with shared accomplishments and memorable moments!


Hello, Illinois HOSA Champions! I'm BreAnna Reynolds, and I'm honored to step into the role of your Southern Area Vice President for the upcoming year. As a junior at Mt. Vernon Township High School, I bring two years of enthusiastic HOSA involvement to this exciting journey.

Beyond the realm of academics and leadership, my world is filled with the delightful presence of three majestic Great Danes. The love and joy they bring to my life is truly unparalleled. On a personal note, my passion for boxing and weight lifting is daily ritual that fuels my determination and zest for life. As we dive into this new chapter, I'm not just eager to represent you all, but also excited to forge connections and build a thriving HOSA Community. Let's make this year absolutely fantastic together! Looking forward to getting to know as many of you as possible!


Greetings everyone! I'm Steven Williams, your dedicated Student Member at Large (S.M.A.L) for the 2023-2024 school year, and I am truly grateful for the incredible opportunity to work closely with all of you. Currently navigating my junior year at West Aurora High, I am fueled with by a profound passion for nursing, with aspirations to become a Registered Nurse and pursue advanced degrees as a Nurse Practitioner.

Beyond the world of academics and aspirations, I find immense joy in exploring new things and places, constantly seeking out new adventures. Meeting new people along the way adds vibrant and enriching dimension to my experiences. In the spirit of embracing authenticity a quote that resonates deeply with me is "To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself." - Nhat Hanh. As we embark on this journey together, let's embrace our individuality and create a supportive community. Looking forward to a fantastic year of growth, exploration, and connecting with each of you!