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Illinois Chapter

Meet your 2021-2022 State officer team


Hello my name is Jordan Abenes! I come from Mount Vernon and I'm currently serving as your Illinois state President. One interesting fact about me is that I have traveled overseas to London and Paris. I am exhilarated for this year and I am eager to see what potential members have for HOSA!.


Hello everyone, my name is Rohita Kotyada and I am very excited to serve as your Illinois HOSA Vice President. I am a senior at Adlai E. Stevenson High school. An interesting fact about me is that I used to live in Japan! This year is going to be amazing and hopefully we can all interact in person. I can’t wait to see everyone at state and the new heights Illinois HOSA takes!


Hi my name is Annalisa Hoskins. I attend West Aurora High School and will be a junior this year. I currently serve as Illinois HOSA state secretary. For a career I want to be a nurse practitioner. A fun fact about me is I play on my schools badminton team and I love to travel. I look forward to serving Illinois HOSA this year and I am excited for what is to come!


Hi my name is Chloe Cardoza. I am currently Hosa’s state treasurer. I will be a junior this year, attending West Aurora High school. As a career I want to be a anesthesiologist. One fun fact about me is that I like to read and run on my free time. This year I plan to bring on great leadership and communication skills. I look forward to what this year’s Illinois HOSA will bring!


My name is Kelly Stoffle and I’m very excited to be the Reporter for Illinois HOSA! I’m a student at Larkin High School as well as a part of the local Dual Credit program. I decided on going into medicine and becoming a member of HOSA because I’m passionate about helping those around me. A fun fact about me is that I love being outdoors!


Hello, My name is Anahi Guzman and I go to West Aurora High School. I am a senior and the state Parliamentarian. A couple of fun facts about me are that I am a Pisces and that I fractured both of my ankles. A inspirational quote that always sticks to me is “the pessimists complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sail”. Hope to meet you all soon!! 


Hi! My name is Dia Patel and I am the Illinois HOSA state sentinel! I am from the Niles West chapter and some fun facts about me are that I run cross country and track at my high school and that I am a Libra! My favorite quote is “I’d rather have questions that cannot be answered than answers that cannot be questioned” by Richard Feynman. One message I have for all members of HOSA is that your work does not go unacknowledged and we appreciate everything you do for HOSA. Thank you!


Hey my name is  Hera VanHooser and I am the Illinois HOSA historian. I am from West Aurora High school and I am going into my junior year. I play volleyball and I enjoy reading in my free time. My favorite musician is Taylor Swift  and my favorite movie is The Notebook. I am so happy to be apart of the HOSA state officer team this year and I can’t wait to see what happens this year!


Hi everyone! My name is Satvika Alur- I’m a rising senior at William Fremd High School and I am your 2021-2022 Illinois HOSA Northern Area Vice President! A fun fact about me is that I’ve been swimming competitively ever since I was 5 years old and I’m an Aries. A cliché but important saying I apply to my life on a daily basis is that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! I encourage you all to take quote and inspire yourselves and seek opportunities of exploration of your passions and interests and resultantly find your unique potentials! 


Hi, my name is Anna Kosierkiewicz, and I serve as your 2021-2022 Southern Area Vice President!  I am a senior at Mount Vernon Township High School and an aspiring physician.  One fun fact about me is that I have a slight obsession with cats.  I can’t wait for this upcoming year and to, hopefully, see you all in person at state!


Hi! My name is Madison Hood. I am the student member at large of Hosa at the state level. I’m from Mount Vernon Township Highschool. I am a Capricorn and love to stay busy. I try my best to stay involved in everything I love to do. Music and Medicine is my passion. I really just like to help people however I can. This year as the student member at large I hope to be a voice for my fellow members. Maybe this year things will go a little bit back to normal or we can make a new normal out of everything that has happened this past year. I’m excited to see what’s to come.